In a vast and fertile land lies a small town known as Etria, a peaceful village that became famous for a startling discovery. A crack in the vast forest opened at Etria’s edge, leading downward like a gaping maw. It all began there…

Those who hear rumors of the labyrinth of Etria, whether young or old, begin to harbor dreams of exploring it.

Riches…fame…prestige…all that and one more thing does the labyrinth promise: the true spirit of adventure, on the perilous edge of death.

Today, like any other day in the new Etria, a youth walks through the town gates…


Hi! This is a one stop page for the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game that I’m going to be running for you all. This is designed to hold character information, loot, campaign tidbits, session notes, and any other resources that the players would find useful. It is also going to be one of the primary methods of communication in the event that someone isn’t available through other methods like AIM.

This game is intended to be run for approximately 4 to 6 players that do not have a lot of experience with GURPS but have experience with other pen and paper games, like Dungeons and Dragons and such.

Getting Started

Click on the ‘Wiki’ tab up top and start reading!

Scheduling and Location

We’re currently looking at Tuesdays during the afternoon to the evening time in Alameda over on the south end of the island at one of the player’s apartments. There is a rec room there with plenty of space and decent lighting.

Rides can be arranged from BART locations! If you do need transportation assistance please let us know. Scheduling is flexible for some people but not for others.

Player List

Max – SA goon, player
Gary – Game host, the King of Card Games, player
Ben – player
Cyrus – hang on let me get my phone, player
Derrida – SA goon drop-in, player
Kit – player?!

Ted – SA goon, GM –

Yggdrassil Labyrinth

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