Yggdrassil Labyrinth

Session 2

Getting crazy

7/11 @ 4:30pm – 9:30pm. We have permanently moved to Mondays.

Combat tutorial – fought some giant butterflies and took their fangs and antenna to sell to the shop.
Main Quest – found a door that leads to the next floor, locked. Unable to open, Reginald suggests there may be something that must be found that leads further into the labyrinth.
Retrieved a clear teardrop gemstone from a fountain spirit. (S1, claimed by Patroclus)
Retrieved a red gemstone from a fire elemental. (R1, claimed by Gary)
Retrieved a grey stone from someone the party murdered in cold blood. (turning black and heavier) (T1, claimed by Bartholomew)
Retrieved a small diamond from a mirror self. (F1, claimed by Lucas)

The Labyrinth has strange properties causing people to disappear, reappear, and go out of sync with overworld time. What is happening? Not much is known.

Found some chests and looted [Book of Erde], [Armoroad Scrolls] 1-4, [Nectar], and a Minor Healing Potion. Also found 50 ancient coins worth $200.

Lucas experienced psychological trauma and extreme malnutrition when acquiring his gem.
Gary was engulfed in flames and suffered from severe heat exhaustion when acquiring his gem.
Bartholomew suffered several blade wounds when acquiring his gem.
Patroclus had no problems acquiring his gem. Hmm…

Exploration halted, it is believed there is one more gem to go, but returned to town to rest for at least one week due to party condition. $150 paid.

End of session!


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