Keeper of the Entry to the Yggdrassil Labyrinth


This man is an older gentleman in heavy, well-worn brigantine armor. He bears the symbol of the Explorer’s Guild and wields a great halberd. He has a mighty beard and mustache.

This well armored man claims to have been keeping watch here for the past five years ensuring that ‘casual’ adventurers do not accidentally stray into the lower reaches of the dungeon and stay in a relatively safe area of the Labyrinth. Occasionally people will come to hunt in these areas and do get injured or possibly killed, however Reginald notes that activity on this floor is relatively minimal in terms of monsters.

There was a hint regarding some type of test or trial but he did not expound further on the matter. He merely said it is for discovering.

Suspicious, indeed, but he does not appear to be hostile.


Originally met on B1F.


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