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Mechanical Information

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is a fast-character generation system designed to get players to create characters powerful enough to handle a majority of what a typical adventure would entail in the classic Dungeons and Dragons sense. This includes a mixture of combat, roleplaying, exploration, and looting!

Required Materials

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1 – Adventurers. You will be building your characters with one of the 11 templates from this book.
  • GURPS Basic Set – Characters. For explanations of the various advantages, disadvantages, skills, and so forth that revolve around your character, they are all contained in this book.

Don’t have these? No problem! The GM will be able to provide.

Character Creation

  • 250 character points, which must be used for one of the templates in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1.
  • A further -5 points in Quirks, which gives an additional 5 points to be used as seen fit.
  • Starting money: $1,000. This may be altered with wealth or other means.

For more in-depth details about what you should expect when making a character, please see Character Creation.

Overworld Locations

You begin play in the Town of Etria. This is where the party will do the majority of their non-dungeon activities and establish their base of operation.

Etria, the Gateway to the Yggdrassil Labyrinth

Etria has the following accommodations:

Dungeon Locations

From Etria there is only one known entrance into the Yggdrassil Labyrinth, however more may be discovered in time.

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