Party Contract and Procedure

Cyrus - Lu’cuse (Lucas)
Kit - Patroclus
Ben - A Thief
Gary - Gary
Max - John

Party Contract of The Noble Order of the Cloak

  • Party loot to be divided evenly
  • Need/greed system
  • Party leader: Patroclus (breaks ties in votes)
  • Party accountant: lu’cuse (track loot)
  • Used found gear will be contributed to party loot when sold
  • Players cannot become zombified by other players without prior consent and are ineligible for party shares
  • In the even of intentional party hostilities, the aggressor forfeits their share of loot for the day. The party may then vote to kick the person out of the party (if surviving).
    • grounds for kicking includes hostility to the party
  • Leave no man behind
  • Cannot make changes to the party charter when in dungeon; only after being in town for a minimum of 1 day
  • The “Security Committee” can hire other people and have sole voting authority; other members of the party cannot vote or hire.
  • Security Commitee: the PCs.

Party Marching Order



Bartholomew (always checking for traps, weapon unready while doing so)
Patroclus (sword and shield at the ready)
gary (warhammer always ready), torch
Lucas (has 2H sword in left hand, crossbow in right), helmet lamp
John (maintaining walk on air and missile shield) and mapping with apportation and scribe’s kit

Party Contract and Procedure

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